Wealth from properties, big or small, has been generated globally.
Sought-after locations, appreciating selling prices, and rental  increments achieved over this era have been the barometer in realising the capital gain of Real Estate.
Agency Services Department

Our marketing aims at a clear and high exposure of your property to the greatest number of prospective purchasers or tenants. These are buyers and potential investors who are in a positive position to proceed without delay. We have our own marketing department, a full-fledged team, highly dedicated and well trained to ensure that your property is promoted in the most effective and cost efficient manner. As we recognize that your property is unique, our marketing strategies are individually tailored and designed to achieve optimum results.

Project Marketing Department

We have spearheaded and completed many notable projects for acclaimed developers throughout the Country and beyond our shores. Our portfolio of residential, commercial and industrial properties spanning 2 decades is an impressive track record of our accomplishments.

All our Project Marketing personnel possess in-depth experience and are equipped with strong market knowledge in cost effective marketing strategies and approaches. We take pride of our achievements in gaining a substantial market share in the handling of exclusive marketing projects.


Royale Rich is unique and dynamic, therefore it is no coincidence that it has become the preferred Real Estate Agent.