Balakong Jaya Hi-Tech Industrial Park

The BALAKONG JAYA HI-TECH INDUSTRIAL PARK comprises of 42 units of 2-storey terrace factory with modern fixtured annexed office cum factory with lift facility with 25 feet by 80 feet on a parcel of freehold industrial land measuring 5.863-acre identified as Geran 1207 Lot 5705, Geran 941 Lot 5707 Daerah Hulu Langat, Mukim Kajang, with the build up range from 4,000sqft to 7,297sqft.

The Project is strategically located in one of the most Rapid Growth Potential of Selangor State by taking advantage of its proximity to major cities and towns.  It is very efficiently connected by a network of highways and byways.  Neighboring infrastructures, developed township and supporting business are conveniently found in the vicinity.



Map & Plan